4 Easy Ways to Release Stuck Emotions


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4 Easy Ways to Release Stuck Emotions


by Della Reside

You already have the key to happiness inside of you if you could only find it - right? Life can be tough and throw you curves.  I know some days, it’s a struggle just to get through the day let alone take the time to deal with all of your emotions. You’re too busy living your life, raising children, working, running errands, eating, sleeping, buy groceries and paying bills. 

Even though life can be busy and be a struggle, it’s important to take the time to pay attention to how you’re feeling. If you don’t, you could end up burying your emotions deep inside of you and eventually make yourself sick! This is the basis of Cellular Consciousness™ Healing. It’s the term I use to describe the emotions, information, experiences and trauma that’s being held in your body at an energetic level.

So, here are 4 easy ways you can release those stuck emotions …


In order for you to release stuck emotions, your energy has to begin to move. One way to do this is to connect to the stuck energy and ‘listen’ to any messages it may have for you. To do this, close your eyes and put your hand on your body. Choose an area where you feel discomfort. Then, deeply connect your hand to the stuck energy and ask what’s it trying to tell you? What do you need to do/know to help it release? Be open to receiving information and allow yourself to trust whatever comes to mind. It may be as simple as a message to ‘slow down’ or ‘get more sleep’. Whatever it is, trust that it’s relevant and then, take appropriate action.


Your Cellular Consciousness is held in the energetic field of your body and, since your energetic field consists of vibrations, you can use toning sounds to get the energy moving again. When a sound resonates with stuck energy, the energy begins to vibrate and release. Emotions, trauma and stuck experiences are just stuck energy. I recommend choosing sounds that are soothing to you to begin and if you don’t notice a difference, then choose a different one. Sometimes the energy has to be ‘aggravated’ in order for it to release. The easiest way to use toning sounds is to sit or lay comfortably, put on some of your favorite music or toning sounds such as singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks etc. Then, close your eyes and let yourself be bathed in the vibrations and allow them to penetrate every cell of your body.


Essential oils have an effect far greater than their wonderful smells. They are extracted from various plant materials (with specific vibrations), so you can get the benefit of nature concentrated in a bottle.

Pure essential oils have a high vibration which resonates with your energetic field and helps release stuck energy. To incorporated the benefits of essential oils in your life, put a few drops of in your bathwater or into a vaporizer.


There are a few ways exercise can help. Yoga enables you to open and charge your energetic field through gentle movement that loosens muscles and stuck energy. Cardiovascular exercise strengthens the whole body, improves blood flow and circulation and cleanses the body both physically and energetically.

Some other ways to use exercise to release stuck energy from your Cellular Consciousness are dancing, jogging, qigong, or just general stretching exercises. It doesn’t matter which one you choose as long as it works for you.


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