How to Use Color Breathing to Open Your Chakras


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How to Use Color Breathing to Open Your Chakras


by Della Reside

Color Breathing is a meditative practice that can be used to clear, charge and bring balance to your chakras. It’s calming, relaxing and easy. All you have to do is pick the Chakra you want to clear or charge then, choose the color that corresponds to that chakra. If you’re not sure which of your Chakras needs strengthening, take my Free Chakra Quiz to find out.

When you’ve chosen your Chakra and the color, close your eyes and image yourself in a room filled with that color. Slowly, begin to inhale the color through your nostrils. As you do, allow the color to enter and fill every inch of your body.

Take your time and when you’re done inhaling, slowly exhale. Allow your lungs to empty completely as they get ready to receive your next breath. Inhale the color again, and allow yourself to see the color, feel the color and embody the color as it moves through your body.

Repeat 5-10 times then notice if you feel re-energized and refreshed. If not, continue with the color breathing as long as it feels right for you.

By breathing in the corresponding Chakra color, you’ll enhance the associated Chakra Consciousness:

  • Root Chakra - red. Red is the color that enhances feelings of safety and security. It’s also the color to use if you are trying to get rid of a headache. Focus on filling your feet and your legs with this color.

  • Sacral Chakra - orange. Orange is the color to help you enhance creativity and increase vitality. It’ll also help ease congestion in your abdominal area.

  • Solar Chakra - yellow. Yellow is the color to use help you build self-esteem and enhance your self-confidence. It also improves digestion and is great for the liver.

  • Heart Chakra - green. Green is the color of nature and healing as it enhances loving connections to others. The color green also helps strengthen the lungs and immune system.

  • Throat Chakra - light blue. Light blue is the color to use to improve communication. Focus on bringing the color blue into your throat area, jaw, mouth, nose and ears.

  • Brow Chakra - purple. Purple is the color to use to gain clarity of thoughts and enhance organization. It helps you clear your head and enhance visualization exercises.

  • Crown Chakra - white. White is the color to use for inspiration and connection to divinity. Feelings of bliss are associated with the Crown Chakra and the color white.

When you’re done color breathing, slowly bring your awareness back to your surroundings by wiggling your fingers and toes, then, begin to move your hands and feet. Slowly begin to open your eyes and reconnect with your surroundings. If you’ve lay down to do this exercises, ensure you take your time when you stand up to let your body adjust to the movement of energy.




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