Why Himalayan Salt Will Unblock Your Chakras


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Why Himalayan Salt Will Unblock Your Chakras


by Della Reside

Himalayan salt is a natural rock salt that often has a pinkish tint due to its mineral impurities. It can also be found in white, orange, red and grey. Himalayan salt has the ability to cleanse your chakras and increase your vibration due to its high mineral content even though there is no scientific evidence to prove it. How do I know this? I feel it.


HOLD IT - By holding a piece of rough Himalayan salt in your hand you can release water, toxins and low vibrational energy. Because Himalayan Salt is hydrophilic it attracts water so your hand may get wet as impurities are released. Good news, increasing your vibration with Himalayan salt will also infuse your body with trace minerals. Over time, if you use the same rough piece of salt, the surface will become smooth. This transformation will not impact its integrity and ability to unblock your chakras.

SALT LAMPS - Himalayan salt lamps are said to purify air by attracting water, dust and pollen. I can’t confirm that claim but can tell you that I ‘feel’ the difference when there are Himalayan salt lamps around me for an extended period of time. Himalayan salt lamps (salt lamps) come in a variety of colors depending on the vein of salt they were mined from. The color variety indicates mineral content. For example, dark orange and red Himalayan Salt contains trace amounts of iron oxides that other colors of the salt do not. Salt lamps typically have rough grainy exteriors that leave a film of salt on your hand when you touch them. Smaller salt lamps are cradled on a wooden base and larger salt lamps stand alone. Both types have a hollow core containing one or more light bulbs that warm the salt when illuminated. The warmed salt emits negative ions into the air to counteract positive ions from electronic devices. Unfortunately there is no scientific evidence to prove this, all I can say is that I can feel the difference and love having them on my desk while I’m working on my computer.

SALT SPA - I LOVE salt spas and could easily spend an hour or more sitting in a room made entirely of Himalayan salt. The natural vibration or energetic frequency of a salt spa room is high and helps you release low vibrational energy from your chakras and whole energy field. The experience is refreshing and yet tiring as water, toxins and low vibrational energy are released from your body. It is important to drink a lot of water while you’re in the salt spa to replenish yourself. For more information, check out my post Chakra Cleansing at a Salt Spa.

CANDLE HOLDERS - Himalayan Salt candle holders are pretty to look, inexpensive and easy to find. They work on the same principle as the Himalayan salt lamp where negative ions are said to be emitted into the air as the Himalayan salt is heated.

FOOT DETOXIFICATION - Blocks of Himalayan salt can be used for detoxification of your feet. The same principle applies as holding Himalayan salt in your hands but for foot detoxification salt blocks are warmed slightly to activate the negative ion release process. This is done by placing them in an oven on low heat for about 10 minutes. When removed, lay them on a towel and gently place your feet on top. As the salt is hydrophilic as mentioned above, it will draw water, toxins and low vibrational energy from your body helping clear your chakras. One caution with warming Himalayan salt blocks in an oven is to ensure they are not overheated or you could burn yourself! An easy way to achieve this effect without the hassle is to use a Himalayan Foot Detox Half Dome Lamp like the one shown below from Amazon.

Himalayan salt has the capacity to balance chakras due to its natural high vibration. Frequent use of salt lamps, candle holders and salt blocks can leave your body and space feeling clear and refreshed. Visiting a salt spa will definitely clear low vibrational energy from your chakras as long as you drink lots of water to facilitate the release process. Cooking with Himalayan salt will provide extra minerals in your diet and help balance electrolytes but will not necessarily help you unblock your chakras. For something that looks pretty, is functional, cost effective and doesn’t need to be recharged I would highly recommend giving it a try!


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