Chakra Cleansing at a Salt Spa


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chakra CLEANSING at a salt spa


by Della Reside

I love Salt Spas. I could easily spend an hour or more sitting in a room made entirely of salt. Are you with me? Have you ever felt stuck physically or emotionally? If so, a Salt Spa could be just what you need. Why? There are many reasons to take an hour for yourself, unblocking your chakras is just one of them. Due to the high trace mineral content of the salt in a Salt Spa, you can unblock your chakras easily by raising their frequency enough to bring your body back into vibrational balance.


Not all Salt Spas are created equal. Salt Caves are naturally occurring caves full of salt found underground. Usually they are in remote locations and not easily accessible. Some natural salt caves can be found in the United States, Spain, Pakistan, Iran, Jordan, Columbia, Poland, Bermuda and Romania. Due to the limited access of natural salt caves, the salt cave experience has been created above ground with the invention of the Salt Room. A Salt Room, Salt Room Spa ors Salt Spa contains a large quantity of Dead Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt and may or may not look like a natural salt cave. The salt room can vary from a room lined with sea salt bricks to a room that mimics the look of a natural salt cave. Salt rooms can be either active or passive in function.

Active Salt Rooms (Salt Room Spas or Salt Spas) are also known as controlled salt rooms. They may look the same as a natural salt cave or a passive salt room but, they have Halogenerators which finely crush salt and spread it into the air of a controlled space. The humidity, temperature and ventilation of the salt room is closely monitored as it is a separate microclimate. Salt particles in the air are then inhaled and believed to improve the respiratory system and detoxify the lungs.

Passive Salt Rooms (Salt Room Spas or Salt Spas) may look the same as a natural salt cave or an active salt room but, they are different in that they do NOT have Halogenerators, separate controlled rooms, humidity control or ventilation. Passive salt rooms are basically rooms filled with either Dead Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt. (Find out why Himalayan Salt will unblock your chakras). These passive salt rooms will raise your vibration and unblock your chakras but since there are no salt particles in the air, they will not be as therapeutic for treating respiratory illnesses.


Relax and breathe. If you’re in a Natural Salt Cave or Active Salt Spa imagine with every breath that you are inhaling the salt particles. Imagine them flowing up and down through your chakras. On each exhale release any congestion or cloudiness that you may sense in your chakras.

In all types of Salt Spas you can imagine a bubble around yourself slowly being infused with the high vibrational energy of salt. Let the energy penetrate your energetic field and clear out any congestion.

If you wear makeup, remove it prior to entering a Salt Spa. Sessions typically last an hour so by removing makeup you allow your skin to absorb the salt and release more toxins and congestion. Salt is hydrophilic so it draws water out of your body and can be dehydrating. Counteract dehydration by drinking plenty of water during your session. The water will also help facilitate unblocking your chakras as it will add fluidity to your energetic field. When you are finished your session, shower to remove salt residue and sweat that may have accumulated on your skin. Follow with a good moisturizer.


During your session you feel tingling on your skin as the salt is drawing out impurities. You may feel lightheaded as toxins are drawn to the surface of your body and as your chakras’ vibration is increasing. Feeling refreshed and tired after you’re done is common as chakras adjust to the natural vibration of the salt in the salt spa. At home continue your salt spa experience by having regular Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt baths.

Whether your Salt Spa experience includes a Salt Cave, Active Salt Room or Passive Salt Room it’s worth the investment. Due to the high trace mineral content of the salt, you can unblock your chakras, release congestion and raise your frequency enough to bring your body back into vibrational balance.


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