Calling In Your Ancestors Guided Meditation (MP3)

Calling In Your Ancestors Guided Meditation (MP3)


Connect to the energy of your ancestors for strength, healing & enlightenment.  This  guided meditation with Della will help you regain balance in your life, as well as, get a sense of your energetic roots.

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Join Author and Presenter Della Reside, founder of Cellular Consciousness™ Healing as she personally guides you in this gentle meditation allowing you to connect to the energy of your ancestors.

Connect to both your maternal and paternal ancestral lines.  The maternal ancestral lines are typically associated with the left side of the body and the paternal ancestral lines are typically associated with the right side of the body.  By working with both the left & right sides of the body, the maternal & paternal ancestral lines and the energy of the divine feminine & divine masculine - you can strengthen your energetic template and heal your ancestral connections.

We are an energetic sum of everything that was experienced by our ancestors and can use this energy to re-establish balance in our lives.
— Della Reside

During this easy to follow meditation, you will be guided to identify areas of congestion in your ancestral lines and learn how you can clear and release them.

  • relax
  • feel the support of loved ones
  • feel the loving presence of spirit
  • calm your mind
  • get connected to yourself


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I felt relaxed and as I brought in the ancestors I got chilly ( I had 3 sweaters on ). I Didn’t see spirit but I did feel that there was hands placed on my shoulders at one point as you said that I might feel their presence, the mediation calmed me, I was so calm through it and I was still calm after meditation. It was wonderful.
— Linda




First I saw my parents, and my children...the immediate lines, realizing we have all come to earth to heal ourselves, heal the earth, each other, and commit to our purposes time after time...

I saw my grandparents, maternal and paternal from each culture. I saw that each time we incarnate, we attract our soul group, our special friends who we work with to help each other’s purpose’s and healing. I saw the friends of my grandparents and their parents and their friends, cultures going back in time...

I saw myself, friends and loved ones, in different eras, incarnated along my mothers ancestral lines...learning, growing, fulfilling some missions, not accomplishing others..the joy & the pain.

I can call on a number of them for strength in the areas of my particular lineages and talents, as well as challenges...

All that I am, this body, all that we are; this world, is a result of the efforts of those who came before us, even all of us living now, reincarnated time and again till each soul completes this level of schooling in our own unique way.
— Mike