Calling In Your Ancestors Guided Meditation (MP3)

Calling In Your Ancestors Guided Meditation (MP3)


Connect to the energy of your ancestors for strength, healing & enlightenment in this 22 minute guided meditation with Della.

She personally guides you in connecting with your lineage so you can call on your ancestors for strength in different areas of your life.

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As you are an energetic sum of everything that was experienced by your ancestors, you can use their energy to re-establish balance in your life. Download this easy to follow meditation where Della will guide you to identify areas of congestion in your ancestral lines so you can clear and release them. You’ll be able to relax, feel the support of loved ones, feel the loving presence of spirit, calm your mind and connect to yourself.


I didn't see spirit but I did feel that there were hands placed on my shoulders at one point. I was so calm through it and was still calm after the meditation. It was wonderful.



I saw my parents, and my children ... realizing we have all come to earth to heal ourselves, heal the earth, each other, and commit to our purposes time after time.



I realized that I can call on a number of them for strength in the areas of my particular lineages and talents, as well as challenges.