Chakras 101 Online Course

Chakras 101 Online Course


Create a vibrant life while learning easy practical ways to open your chakras.

In this ten-lesson, self-paced, online course you’ll get easy to digest information with unlimited access to videos, reference information and exercises.

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Here’s what they’re saying:

Really awesome course, it was a wholesome learning experience! The way the course is designed allows one to move through each chakra to learn a little about chakras, and yourself, on the way!


Chakras 101 is more than just ‘food-for-thought'; it's a plan for action. I can take charge immediately! Thanks for getting the ball rolling.


I really enjoyed it and found it very interesting. I got a lot more tips about each chakra, when they are unhealthy and what you could do to strengthen them, I also loved the quotes!!

-Bobbi jo

I was hesitant to take the course as I thought I had a good understanding of Chakras. I was wrong! I learned A LOT in this course and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning about the 7 main Chakras or needs a refresher.


Chakras 101 is a great tool in anyone's personal development journey. It not only outlines the basics of each chakra, but provides practical tools for ensuring that each chakra is helping you connect with your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. I feel empowered after completing this course and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to gain an understanding of the human body's amazing energy system.