Printable Chakra Reference Poster

Printable Chakra Reference Poster


The Chakra Poster provides you with crystals to use for each chakra to enhance the consciousness held within. It gives you characteristics of healthy and unhealthy chakras so you can easily identify where you can release blockages to abundance.

This is a digital .pdf download that’s formatted to print as an 11*17 inch poster.

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I’m all about aligning your chakras for abundance. I love abundance. I love the idea that you can completely change your life by working with the energy of your chakras.

This printable poster is both a reference tool and a personal growth tool all wrapped into one. It’s not going to change your life but it is going to help you do those things for yourself that will bring you into alignment. It’s going to remind you what to watch out for when your chakras are unhealthy so you know exactly which chakra you need to focus on to get back into balance.