Stop Being Pulled in Different Directions


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Stop Being Pulled in Different Directions


by Della Reside

Have you ever felt like you were being pulled in so many different directions with so many priorities that you felt soon you would snap? Well, you are not alone! Many people feel overwhelmed, stressed & just spread too thin! The only way I have found to help myself is to STOP. REGROUP. REST. I know it sounds easy but it's true - only you can change it; but, first of all you have to make a conscious choice to STOP ALL THE MADNESS.

Here  are some self-care strategies that may help ...


You don't have to do everything, be everything and plan everything. What if you got sick? What would happen to you, your family & your job then? Don't let it get that far - STOP NOW! Only do things that REALLY matter to you. You can choose where you spend your time consciously to avoid running around reacting to every situation.


Spend a day in your PJ's watching movies or spend a weekend away in a hotel with no agenda. I love travelling to other cities for business, arriving early & grabbing a big Chai latte with nutmeg & cinnamon. Then - I just walk, people watch & window shop.  Somehow I feel a sense of freedom in taking time to regroup.  I also find that by doing this - I am much better equipped mentally to go into my presentation & business meetings.

3. REST.

Yes - this goes along with being able to regroup; but, by resting - I mean SLEEPING. Turn off all TV's, mobile phones & other electronics & just allow yourself to rest.  Pick up a book or even browse through a magazine without and agenda or a timetable.  Find a way that fits in your life and do it.


By STOPPING - REGROUPING & RESTING you allow yourself to take control of your time & your life back from the craziness of this world. Practice great self-care a little bit every day & soon you will see & feel the results! 



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