Chakras 101 FAQs


  1. Is the "Chakras 101" online course mobile-friendly?

    Yes, you may enjoy the full course experience from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

  2. Where can I see the course purchase option?

    To purchase this course, visit this page.

  3. Can I receive Continued Competency (Education) credits for this course?

    A Certificate of Completion is issued upon request. In order to receive the Certificate of Completion you must score 7/10 on the self-assessment quiz.

    If you are a NHPC member, you can earn Continued Competency Credits as follows:

    -Learning Type: Distance/Online Learning

    -Credits Eligibility: 5 CCP Credits

    -Documentation Required: Certificate of Completion

    If you are unsure if this course qualifies for Continued Competency (Education) credits, check with your governing body. If you need additional information, send me an email, I’ll be glad to help.

  4. Can I download the videos or other materials?

    There are a number of resources provided with the online course that can be downloaded and kept for personal use, including the Chakra Reference Guide and articles. The videos embedded in the online experience are watch-only and not available for download. However, you will have access to all videos as part of your lifetime access.

  5. How long will the course be available for me?

    You have lifetime access to your “Chakras 101” online course content. All lessons, downloads, videos, and audio content will be available for you to enjoy at your leisure.

  6. I am not very technologically savvy. Can I still do the course?

    Yes, absolutely! If you can navigate a simple web page, you should have no problem accessing “Chakras 101” course. All you need is an internet connection to access the course.

  7. Is there a discount for NHPC members?

    Yes, NHPC members qualify for a special rate. Contact me for details.

  8. Can I work at my own pace?

    Chakras 101 Online Course is a self-paced course that will give you practical tools to help you create a lifestyle that allows you to feel more energetic, stress-free and more in tune with your energetic body.

  9. How can I can interact with others taking the course?

    Upon enrollment, you’ll have the opportunity to join our closed Chakras 101 Facebook group. It will allow you to support and interact with other participants as you work your way through the material. It will also give you an opportunity to ask questions as well as receive course updates.

  10. What if I’m not on Facebook?

    If you’re not on Facebook, you can email questions to me directly. You will also receive critical course updates, password changes etc. by email using the email you provide upon sign-up.

  11. Is the Chakras 101 course safe to do while pregnant?

    Yes, the course is safe to do while pregnant.  There are 'exercises' for each chakra, some are physical, some are visualizations and a guided meditation.

Still have questions? Send me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Della Reside