How Your Chakras Tell Your Story


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Hi, I'm Della. I live in the country, love to write, travel & spend time with my family.  I have a passion for chakras which I turned into a booming business - how great is that? 


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How Your Chakras Tell Your Story

I "see" Chakras. No, not with my physical eyes but by using all of my senses I'm able to perceive what they are like. And, when I get the impression of what they are like - I like to draw them and keep the Chakra drawings as part of session notes for my clients. I've done this for many years even though I've never really showed them to anyone.

Before I get into the "good stuff", I want you to know a bit about Chakras. They have a specific shape, they have a specific spin pattern and even a specific "feel".  AND ... each Chakra is associated with a different emotion  or a different aspect of the personality. 

In the story below, I worked on a client's Solar Chakra. Note: the Solar Chakra is associated with our sense of self and the ability to take in emotional nourishment. 


A client came to me for help with food addiction. She knew cognitively that she was trying to fill an emptyness inside of her with food but she couldn't put her finger on what was causing it.

Her Solar Chakra was flattened on top, floppy & weak on the sides and disconnected at the tip. It was not able to take in energy from her energetic field and "feed" it to the rest of her body. (Normal Chakras are cone shaped & connected at the tip.)


As mentioned above, the Solar Chakra is associated with one's sense of who they are and how they are able to take in emotional nourishment and let it "feed" them. 

The distored Solar Chakra (shown above) was affecting my client's sense of who she was (she was uncertain). When I went deeper into the consciousness, I discovered the root cause of the distortion was related to an unresolved emotional experience that my client had when she was 14 years old. 

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Because my client's Solar Chakra was not functioning properly, it wasn't able to take in energy (emotional nourishment) and feed it to my client so, my client replaced LOVE with FOOD.

Through a series of Cellular Consciousness™ Healing sessions, I repaired her Solar Chakra and released the stuck energy of the 14 year old giving my client back the ability to take in the emotional noursishment she was lacking. 

Della’s came into my life at the perfect time as there were things I couldn’t access on my own and Della got to the root of these things. Della brought healing to issues from my past and beliefs I held about myself. Della brought me transformation and freedom from my past. I have a  healthier relationship with food now, greater self-awareness and I can see my life has more balance and happiness now.
— Erin