Why You'll Want to Stay Connected To Your Ancestral Lineage


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Why You’ll Want to Stay Connected To Your Ancestral Lineage


by Della Reside

To use the words of my aunt Lillian, "we are fooled if we think that each of us is a singular, insular, independent being. We are, in fact, the sum of everything that affected us as we grew up, every value and ideal that our family possessed and cherished."

We are not singular beings but, in fact, we are the sum of our lineage. We are also an ENERGETIC sum of everything that was experienced by our ancestors and therefore, we can tap into that lineage for strength and for healing.

An Ancestor is a parent, grandparent, great grandparent, great great grandparent, and so forth.  Other terms that may be used are: forefathers, foremothers, progenitors, predecessors, matriarchs, patriarchs or antecedents. Biology Online describes ancestors as "someone from whom a person is descended, whether on the fathers or mothers side, at any distance of time." Whatever term you use, as per Merriam-Webster, ancestors are simply a person of an earlier period and a common heritage to you. You are therefore, their descendant, fore-bearer, lineage, heir, child, son, daughter or successor and the energetic connection of your common heritage can be accessed and used to help you heal and gain strength from everything that they experienced.

Connecting to energetic lineages can:


By connecting with and strengthening both your MATERNAL and PATERNAL lines of ancestors, you can bring about healing in your own life. This is because your maternal connections are usually associated with the left side of your body and your paternal connections are usually associated with the right side of your body and by strengthening both sides (both ancestral lines) it encourages more balance in your physical body.


Many times you feel ALONE in life - as if nobody has your back but, when you connect to your ancestors you can strengthen the feelings of love and support from those who came before you. It can give you a sense of your ROOTS and the strength that goes along with them.


Organically allowing the energy lines of your ancestors to clear helps you release tension you may be carrying and, can help you STRENGTHEN your sense of knowing who you are.


You may find that there is a lightening of your emotional burdens as you heal the lines of time because you are feeling supported, gaining strength and re-establishing balance in your life.

There are many ways to connect and use the energy of your ancestors for healing and transformation. Just make sure you find a way that feels right for you.  You can try the following to help strengthen your ancestral connections:


By inviting the energy of your ancestors in during a meditation, you can allow yourself to connect and feel supported and loved as well as release any tension that you may be carrying. Some people also find there is a lightening of their emotional burdens. Check out my Guided Meditation - Calling In Your Ancestors for an easy way to connect.


I was fortunate to be able to attend one of these workshops in New York City in 2015 - it opened my eyes to the power of being able to heal ancestral lines. Family Constellations is an alternative therapeutic method which claims that our present day problems may be influenced somewhat by what was experienced in previous generations of our family. There are many practitioners so check around to find one that feels right for you.


Many of us have deceased loved ones visit us in dreams. Sometimes the dreams include messages for us and yet, at other times, our ancestors appear just to support us and let us know that they are around. Set your intention before you go to sleep to invite the energy of your ancestors in for healing and support, then pay attention to any messages you may receive.


I haven't personally experienced working with a Shaman to connect with my ancestors; but, I have heard it is very POWERFUL and effective at healing. Shamanism is a practice that involves reaching altered states of consciousness in order to perceive and interact with the spirit world. Therefore, a Shaman is someone who is able to connect with ancestors and receive any messages they have for you. There are many variations of Shamanism so do your research and find one that feels right for you. 

The experience of connecting to your ancestral lineage will be your unique experience. Just know that there is no right or wrong way to do it as long as it feels good for you. As long as you have been able to re-establish some balance in your life, gain some needed support, strengthen feelings of love and lighten some of your emotional burdens - you have succeeded! Whether you do this through the use of meditation, family constellation work, dreaming, utilizing an indigenous shaman or by some other means doesn't matter - what is important is that you find healing and comfort.



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