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Della Reside coined the term Cellular Consciousness™ in 2010 as the culmination of a career spanning over three decades in the medical field and a shift towards alternative medicine. Her groundbreaking research led her to discover the impact of Cellular Consciousness™ Healing and of allowing clients to take their power back - becoming their own spiritual authorities through the application of inner guidance, intuition, non-judgment and universal love. 

For years, audiences have been empowered and inspired by Della Reside’s inspirational and informative presentations. As an author and dynamic presenter, Della Reside has inspired countless individuals with her work. Della’s talks leave audiences with hope for a better future and the motivation to engage fully in their own lives. 

It raised my awareness of using my energy to heal and to listen to my body. I look forward to more.
— Lori

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Thank you for your time and sharing. You are a very gracious life force and are an inspiration.
— Anonomous

Thank you for an enlightening experience. I was able to experience things that were very interesting, I feel so privileged.
— Reid