Experience my authentic wisdom as I draw on personal & professional experience to deliver messages of empowered self-care to your participants leaving them with hope for a better future and the motivation to fully engage in their own lives. Your participants can also learn to meditate together by inviting me to lead your group in a personalized meditation.


Speaking Engagements


As an author and speaker I use my diverse background and authentic wisdom to weave together the intricacies of science and healing in order to inspire personal wellness through mentorship, education and the practice of self-awareness. I speak to a variety of audiences and holistic health professionals, including community organizations, holistic practitioners, massage therapists, energy healers and women’s groups. I have also been hosted to speak at the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Conference and The Power of an Unstoppable Woman Conference.




I offer Cellular Consciousness™ workshops where participants learn how to listen to their bodies and take charge of their health through application of their inner guidance, intuition and non-judgment. By connecting with the Cellular Consciousness™ held within their body, participants can begin to release trauma they have been holding in their cells. I also offer Chakra workshops specifically designed to help participants journey through their seven major Chakras while they clear and balance them. All workshops include real time exercises to allow participants to ‘feel’ energy move in their own body.



My approach is flexible & can be tailored to your group no matter the size!