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5 Day Chakra Meditation Challenge

Learn to use the energy of crystals to open & balance your chakras in this free 5 Day Chakra Meditation Challenge.

Each day you'll get an email from me with the daily challenge, a short video lesson and, a prompt of what you should do.

The first day is going to be about choosing the right crystal for opening your Heart Chakra. Then, day two, you'll learn how to get ready to meditate successfully (setting up your space, setting your intention, adding pillows & blankets, etc).

Day three is exciting as that's when you'll get to start feeling into the energy of the crystal you chose (with my guidance) and, begin using that energy to clear and open your Heart Chakra.

On day four you're going to learn more about energy movement and then, on day five, you'll learn how to use your breath to deepen your chakra meditation with crystals experience.

Sounds fun - right?

You can sign up at 5 Day Chakra Meditation Challenge

Message me if you have any questions