Reciprocity & The Law of Karma


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Reciprocity & The Law of Karma


by Della Reside

Do you practice reciprocity, the art of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit? Or, do you expect to be paid for sharing knowledge and skills? As an entrepreneur it can be challenging to find someone who’ll brainstorm business ideas with out without the expectation of monetary compensation. 

When I worked in the corporate world it was easy, I shared my knowledge with others and had them to turn to for advice, but now, where do I go? Who do I trust? Does anyone give good business advice for free? Can you relate? And, on the flip side, who could benefit from my knowledge?

I'm like you, I'd love to have someone sitting next to me or down the hall to bounce ideas off of over an afternoon coffee; but when you work alone, you don't have that option and it can be frustrating - right? 

So, what should you do? Set in motion the Law of Karma - say what?  The Law of Karma states that 'there are reactions to our actions, consequences to our choices and that there is a simple relationship between cause and effect.' - Deepak Chopra. This means, share your knowledge and skills with others WITHOUT expecting monetary compensation, and, trust that it will bring you more of what you desire in life.


THE LAW OF KARMA is most active in your Root Chakra. As your Root Chakra connects you with the elemental forces of the earth, it provides you with your sense of stability. When you feel stable in your life, you’ll feel grounded and confident in your ability to meet your basic needs of survival (aka money, food, shelter).

Recently I was able to activate the Law of Karma in my own life. It began as an innocent visit to my hairdresser. As I sat there, I began sharing information on how I manage my Instagram account and, how she should check out the free apps I use. I showed her what they were, what they could do for her and how she could use them to support her own business. The more we chatted the more she shared her business struggles with me and I with her, the more we were able to come up with solutions to both of our business needs! One of her struggles was to find suitable barnwood stands for necklace displays in her salon. And, as luck would have it, I live in the country and have tons of barnwood! So, I agreed to make her barnwood necklace stands if she'd let me display my Chakra Bath Salts in her shop - do I hear win-win for the Law of Karma? She agreed. So, I went home, drew a sketch, found some wood, cut it and glued it all together just so I could drop it off to her the next day. She was beyond grateful, and now, my Chakra Bath Salts sit proudly on display in her shop alongside her barnwood necklace stand. Are your chakras blocked? Take the Chakra Quiz and find out.


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I'm Della Reside, I'm an expert in Chakras & Cellular Consciousness, a nerd when it comes to details, and, my obsession is teaching others how to raise their self-awareness (in easy, practical ways) to fulfill their biggest dreams!



I'm Della Reside
I’m a girl who took a passion for Chakras and turned it into a booming business - how great is that? I live in the country, love elephants, big white dogs & working from home with cats on my lap. My mission? To inspire personal wellness through mentorship, education & the practice of self-awareness so you can fulfill your biggest dreams!


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