EBOOK The Sweetest Thing

EBOOK The Sweetest Thing


You have the ability to easily access the wisdom of your heart and find more meaning in life. This has been Della Reside's experience. 

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Put enough small steps together, and you can make big leaps in life. This is author Della Reside’s approach in her book that provides concrete strategies and exercises leading toward personal transformation and a life of greater meaning.

But how does she know what’s best for you and your life? She doesn’t. And if you’re like most people, neither do you. Herein lies the biggest obstacle to true happiness. You carry your hopes, dreams, and your life’s personal meaning inside of you at all times, but you’re unable to tap into them. Della shows you how to remove the interference between your mind and feelings and start listening to your heart’s wisdom and its true desires.

You’ll learn how to love yourself and trust what your heart is telling you throughout the process. You’ll discover its precise location in your body, its energetic field and cords, and its related chakra. Eventually, everything you have learned will begin to work together to reveal the sweet spot, where your heart’s wisdom will provide answers to persistent life questions and meaning to the empty places of your being.

This experience truly is The Sweetest Thing!

Your book’s incredible. I didn’t know what to expect and I thought I was pretty connected heart-mind wise and, I just discovered how much deeper I could dig! I felt vulnerability, bliss, and empowerment at the same time when I practiced some of your exercises. I’m going to buy it for a few of my clients who are suffering in their hearts. It’s an EXCELLENT book. Thank you!
— Anonymous