One Remote Cellular Consciousness™ Session with Della Reside

One Remote Cellular Consciousness™ Session with Della Reside


Gain insights and experience the wisdom of your own Cellular Consciousness™ in a single session with Della Reside.

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In a single Cellular Consciousness™ Healing session with Della Reside you will be able to experience of the wisdom of the consciousness held within your own body as she assesses your 7 major chakras and repairs your energetic field (as time permits).

You will leave the session with insights into what is held within your own Cellular Consciousness™ , as well as receive recommendations for moving forward on your healing journey.

By working with your Cellular Consciousness™, you can release emotions/experiences/thoughts trapped in the energetic field of your body in a healthy organic way without having to re-experience them on a cognitive level.

She works internationally by phone, Skype or Facebook.


But, in order to transform your cellular memories, stuck emotions, traumas and unresolved experiences so they can be released and cleared from your system in a healthy, organic way, more than one session is required. Know that as they transform, you will feel lighter, get more of yourself back and from there, can manifest what you want to manifest in the world.

Information and pricing for a series of six sessions:


Download Della's ebook Listen to Your Body. Heal Your Soul. for additional information onCellular Consciousness™