Chakra Drawings


As many know, I ‘see’ Chakras. No, I don’t necessarily ‘see’ them with my physical eyes; I ‘see’ them by deeply connecting and using all of my senses to gather information. This multisensory experience allows me to assess one chakra at a time or assess all of your chakras together. By assessing all of your chakras together, they begin to tell your story. This information gives you insights to increase self-awareness, shift your mindset and move forward with manifesting your most abundant life.


I post videos with chakra drawings on Instagram Stories. Randomly, I pick pencil drawings that I’ve done while doing personalized sessions then explain the significance of the chakra drawing in a short video.

All are saved under the Cellular Consciousness Highlight on my Instagram profile. If you want to check them out, just head over to my Instagram and click on the Cellular Consciousness highlight (see cheat note below).

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Della Reside