“What a great experience! I wasn’t expecting the communication from my body to come through so quickly, honestly and powerfully. It was surprising, profound and much appreciated! Thank you for creating this experience for me and giving me the knowledge and awareness to use it in my life.”


"Della's grounded approach to the energetics of the body and thoughtful teaching style imbues trust in the audience."


“I enjoyed your workshop very much. Thank you for your time and sharing. You are a very gracious life force and are an inspiration.“


"Della has great examples, analogies, personal experiences to lend to the material. I really enjoy how she presented the experientials. She has such confidence and people trust her. Everyone enjoys her excitement and her passion for chakras!"


“I really enjoyed the event! I'm not new to chakras and I am a reiki practitioner, but I'm always interested in learning something new. You are very knowledgeable and kept everything interesting. The time flew by so fast. I would recommend this to others for sure.“


“It was a great 'opportunity' for women (especially!) to connect with their energy and be shown how they can mine and manage it. More 'hands on' opportunities are necessary if we are going to heal and do the work we're meant to do here.“

“I loved the hands on experiences of the experientials on our own bodies and what came out of it. I really loved and enjoyed the event-thank you!“


“I believe in “Medicine Power” but never believed I had “any”. You made me experience a small piece of the value my ancestors experienced. Your exercises are a verification of what I can do for myself and maybe help others. Masi Cho!!! Thank you very much.“