Della uses her signature “Cellular Consciousness Healing Method” to identify and help you release what’s holding you back so you can get out of your own way and create the life of your dreams.

Each session starts with an intention and is intuitively guided to access awareness and open to the level of pure consciousness (cellular consciousness). Results can be felt instantly as you release stuck emotions without having to re-experience them on a cognitive level. The healing progresses deeper over a series of sessions as you begin to shift your mindset, increase your self-awareness and manifest a more abundant vibrant life.

Your session is your own, so you get to choose your intention and your level of willingness to move forward, but past clients have experienced life changing results, such as:

+Tapping into your potential and innocence to effortlessly attract the life of your dreams.

+Saying goodbye to old beliefs that keep you stuck and gain clarity on what you need to do to serve your highest purpose

+Correcting the trajectory of your life’s path

+Understanding what you need to address to move forward with ease.

Della works internationally by phone or Skype.

It’s been an astounding life changing experience that has left me speechless and feeling a sense of more freedom.
— Brandi
I gained an awareness that felt familiar - like I had at one time, but lost it. I’ve corrected the trajectory of my life’s path.
— Jennifer W.
I feel balance, happiness and release of fear of moving forward so I can surf the next chapter.
— Jasmin

I felt blocked from moving forward but now, have been going to the gym and am connecting more with my body/ lower chakras. It’s kinda eerie how Della could ‘see’ into my psyche and release what had been holding me back. I know that I am strong and capable of creating anything I want.


"There were things I couldn't access on my own and Della helped me get to the root of these things to bring healing to issues from my past and beliefs I held about myself. "


“Clearing it out at cellular level with the understanding of where it comes from brought the peace I was looking for. Now I can move forward with ease.”
-Mary Anne


“I healed distorted beliefs about who I should be and embraced who I truly was.”


"Today, I had a profound breakthrough while working with Della as I realized how I could alleviate my own guilt and shame linked to my distorted beliefs. This gave me a profound sense of freedom that I haven’t felt in a long time.”


"After working with Della, I've spent more time trying to get a ‘feel’ for what I want to do instead of just moving forward blindly.


“I now feel super clear about what I need to do.”


"I've had the opportunity to watch Della work her magic over the course of a number of months and can say rather flatly that the particular method she's mastered coupled with her strong knowledge of standard Western medicine has yielded positive results unlike anything that I've ever experienced."


"Della’s background in biological sciences combined with her work in holistic nutrition and her training with the Barbara Brennan School of Healing offers a truly unique and unmatched skill set."


“I’ve gained a deeper understanding of myself and my surroundings.”

della reside cellular consciousness

"I learned a lot about myself through working with Della and I believe her work and the grieving I did alongside it has helped to free me. I have had progress believing my self-worth and increased self-awareness. Thanks again for the success you had with me."


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Constant activity of the mind keeps us from going deep within and accessing our own awareness. When we are able to access our awareness and open to the level of pure consciousness, we begin to notice grace in our lives and open to the possibility of miracles.