What is Cellular Consciousness™ Healing?



Cellular Consciousness™ is a term I use to describe the psychological aspects of the personality that one is not cognitively aware of that are held in their energetic field (aura).


Your Cellular Consciousness™ is a collection of emotions, trauma & experiences from this lifetime and others which get “stuck” in your energetic field.


If one is not able to process the emotions, trauma &/or experiences at the time of the event, they get "frozen" in your energetic field, somewhat like energetic scar tissue and, it will eventually become part of your personality. And, if one continues to ignore the stuck emotions, they will eventually become ill.



Cellular Consciousness™ Healing is the method I use to release and transform the trauma, emotions & experiences that are held in the energetic field and the chakras. By working with your Cellular Consciousness™, you can release trauma, emotions & experiences trapped in your body in a healthy organic way without having to re-experience them on a cognitive level. As you transform them, you will feel lighter, clearer, you get more of yourself back and from here, can manifest what you want to manifest in the world.



I (Della) developed the Cellular Consciousness™ Healing method by combining my backgrounds of Science and Healing. I have a BMLT with a Degree in Microbiology, 25+ years experience in
Immunology and 4 years training in Anatomy and Physiology. I am also trained as a Healer (Brennan Integration Practitioner or “BIP”) and, as a Holistic Nutritional Coach.
I have always been introspective, curious and love details ... so, I began by exploring inside my own body and listening to the messages it held for me. What I found was that there were aspects of myself (my emotions) that I was holding onto that I had not been cognitively aware of. And, I discovered that I could work the emotions and release which allowed me to feel better.

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