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Some days working from home can be DIFFICULT. Especially if you are a creative like me - just waiting for the next round of inspiration to stop by. 

I often sit here in front of my computer trying to figure out what to write, how to say it, what images to use ... you know how it is ...

The Sacral Chakra is associated with FLUIDITY and CREATIVITY. So, when you're feeling stuck - like me, it's a clue that your Sacral Chakra is congested & needs clearing. 

Also, you may notice that whenever you feel STUCK, you lack creativity - yup ... again ... this is your Sacral Chakra! 


So, What can you do?

Well - here's 3 ways I reset when I'm feeling stuck ...


It doesn't matter where you live - getting outdoors to walk will help you reset when you're feeling stuck. If you don't live in the country (like I do), find yourself a park or walking trail near you.

Walking will benefit you mentally & physically

As you walk, your mind will wander. You will find yourself thinking about the plants, the ground or numerous other things. Wherever you mind goes - it doesn't matter. What is important is to not get attached to your thoughts and instead, let them come and go as you continue on your way.  

This is called the practice of NON-ATTACHMENT & will help you release mental "clutter" leaving room for clarity & creativity when you go back to work at your computer.

Of course there are also physical benefits of walking as it's good for muscle contraction & fluid movement within the body. Fluid movement helps clear your Sacral Chakra. 


There is something to be said about nurturing plants as they grow.

Every day you will find that they are a bit different and it will seem that they enjoy the time, attention and, of course the WATER you give them as much as you enjoy doing it. 

Watering your flowers/plants will benefit you in a few ways: you will feel relaxed and satisfied knowing that you are taking care of living things, you will incorporate the WATER element which will help clear your Sacral Chakra, and, you will get to enjoy the beauty your flowers bring you when they finally bloom. 


Fresh fruit & fresh produce naturally have high vibrations and are GREAT for clearing all Chakras, including your Sacral Chakra. 

If you have a garden or are able to grow your own fruit - even better! And, of course, there is nothing better for you and more satisfying to the soul than growing your own food. Pick something FRESH today or pay a visit to your local farmers market.

The truth is that there is no SINGLE way to reset when you're feeling stuck. Whether you walk, water flowers or eat fresh food you will find that when you sit back down in front of your computer - you will just feel better! Your head will be clearer, you will think better and ... best of all, you will have regained your sense of creativity.

By prioritizing the health of your Sacral Chakra (well ... all Chakras) you will have the energy and CLARITY to work through that endless to-do list.

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