Della Reside
Renowned Speaker and Author



As an Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur, Della believes everyone can help themselves & at her events, she focuses on inspiring her audiences to make positive changes in their own lives.


"Della has an uncanny ability to really connect with her audience. She is down to earth, well spoken, congenial and relate-able."


If you are interested in hosting Della for a Retreat, Workshop or Speaking event you can experience Della's authentic wisdom as her approach is flexible & can be tailored to your group no matter the size!


make your next event one to remember.


Della's topics include:

  • INSPIRING PERSONAL WELLNESS - designed to educate audiences about the practice of self-awareness and it's link to self-responsibility (awareness of the physical body, energetic chakra system, Cellular Consciousness™ and boundaries).


  • BUSINESS INTEGRITY - designed to teach entrepreneurs about the “softer side” of business (the lost art of business etiquette, best practices for entrepreneurs, and how to be a boss without being bossy).

So, whether you are interested in having your audience learn how to run their businesses with integrity or wanting to teach them how to engage fully in life, invest in themselves, gain awareness and begin connecting their inner and outer worlds. Della can help them realize their potential.

Della is the founder of Cellular Consciousness™ that has made a significant impact on many lives. She has a diverse background which she combines with her authentic wisdom in her down-to-earth presentations. 

In her events, Della works personally with individuals who are willing to invest in getting to know themselves and from there, make positive choices that will change their future.

Taking control of your own life can make the difference between merely existing and truly living!
— Della Reside

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