Sound Vibrations for Your Throat Chakra



As the weather begins to warm up, the flowers and leaves begin to emerge from their period of stasis & the vibration of life begins to increase in frequency. This higher vibration of new growth can be likened to the higher finer vibration of the Throat chakra compared to the Heart, Solar, Sacral, and Root Chakra vibrations.


A Balanced throat chakra allows you to communicate clearly, speak your authentic truth &  express yourself.


As you move from the lower Chakras to the higher Chakras, the vibratory frequency increases or, in other words, gets faster and finer. When you reach the vibration of the Throat Chakra - this increase in frequency naturally is expressed through communication. 

If your Throat Chakra is congested, you may struggle in conversations with others, struggle speaking up for yourself or even struggle speaking your truth. Also, if the energy is unexpressed as clear, authentic communication, frustration can build up and when released, cause inappropriate things to be said without thought.


clear. authentic. communication.

Sound Vibrations for Your Throat Chakra


Here are some ways you can use sound to release congestion in your Throat Chakra so you can clearly & authentically communicate your truth.


A mantra is a word or series of words that can be repeated over and over to achieve a special vibrational tone. When a mantra's tone is reached, it can release congested energy in your Chakras. For the Throat Chakra, the tone that needs to be reached is the seed sound of HAM. By repeating the word HAM slowly, over and over, you can create the vibrational tone needed to release congestion in your Throat Chakra. 


A chant is similar to a mantra except, it is typically done with a crowd. If you are unable to chant in a group, just look up Throat Chakra chant videos of on YouTube, get comfortable, relax and just allow yourself to listen and be immersed in the sound. Here is one I found to try Throat Chakra Chant.


Technically, singing is said to produce harmonious sounds, but, even when your tones are a bit off key - you can still do it and reap the benefits by getting the energy moving in your Throat Chakra. This is easy to do as you can practice it anywhere - at home, in your car, at a concert or even outside.


Singing bowls can be used to create a wide range of sounds that can restore the vibratory frequencies of your Chakras. In order to target a specific Chakra, like the Throat Chakra, you must ensure the bowl resonates at the same frequency as the Chakra as mentioned above for mantras. 

The sound produced by a singing bowl can vary by singing bowl type, depending on the material it consists of, the size of the bowl, the slope of the side, the shape of the bottom of the bowl and the thickness of the material. Here is a link to a singing bowl video you can try to open all of your Chakras: Deeply Relaxing Energy Healing with Singing Bowls


As per Wikipedia, a tuning fork is an acoustic resonator in the form of a two-pronged fork that resonates to produce a constant pitch of sound when it strikes an object or surface. Just like singing bowls above, the sound produced by the tuning forks can vary by type of fork. Some tuning forks are made of fine steel, some of aluminum and yet others are made of aluminum-lithium alloys. It doesn't matter which one you use as long as you find the one that resonates with you. Here is a link to a video using tuning forks for Chakras: Chakra Tuning Forks - Relaxing.


AS THE CONGESTED ENERGY RELEASES you may find yourself begin to cough - this is your body's way of facilitating release of congested energy. Just allow yourself to move through it and keep using the sounds that resonate with you and trust that the congested energy will clear.

Even though the Chakra most closely related to sound and vibration is the Throat Chakra, ALL Chakras can benefit from sound therapy to loosen congested energy. All you have to do is pick something you like to do - let yourself sing, chant or just play around with some singing bowls or tuning forks. It doesn't matter as long as you enjoy the vibrations you are using and be open to clearing the congested energy.

What are you waiting for?

Use sound vibrations to release congested energy in your Throat Chakra by taking advantage of all of the sounds around you.  Let yourself be inspired to make noise as you work your way to CLEAR COMMUNICATION, TALKING WITH EASE & being able to VERBALLY EXPRESS YOURSELF.

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