Plug-in and Reduce Stress? Let Me Show You How



The key to plugging-in and reducing stress is to plug-into your INTERNAL power source not into electronics!  When people don't have control over their lives - they feel stressed. The key to reducing stress is to tap into your internal sources of happiness like passion, joy, fulfillment and purpose - they can never be taken away from you!

Plug in and Reduce stress

plug into happiness


There are so many people who feel dis-empowered,  disconnected and stressed in today’s world that I thought I could provide a few suggestions to help.


Your first thought may be – good luck! But it is possible.  To begin - try to remember something you loved to do as a child. It could be as simple as laying on the grass watching the clouds drift by - it doesn’t have to make sense as an adult as long as it gave you joy as a child. When you are able to bring it to mind, close your eyes and embody how it felt back then to experience the joy – let the feelings radiate throughout your body and LET THEM FILL YOU UP FROM THE INSIDE OUT. Let it nourish your soul.  Make sure you don’t analyze it or try to understand the logistics behind it – just allow yourself to sit in the feeling of joy and pleasure that it brought to your life way back when. When you feel stressed, take a moment and redo the exercise then notice the difference it makes.

You have to find happiness inside of yourself.


Yes – another imagination exercise! Just close your eyes and imagine yourself in a room filled with your favorite color. Imagine the perfect shade of your color, the perfect lighting, the perfect feeling that it gives you. This includes all of the walls, the floor, the ceiling, all the contents and even the air. Yes, imagine the air is a softer version of your color. Begin to breathe it in. The color will begin to infuse your body. Allow it to move through every organ, every space and every cell of your body. Continue to gently inhale and exhale until you feel like you ARE your favorite color.  Allow yourself to sit in this space for a while and know that you can do this any time you like so you can begin to plug-into your internal source of happiness.


Close your eyes and envision yourself surrounded by sparkles of white light. Breathe in and out drawing the sparkles into your lungs. As you continue your breathing- the sparkles will get absorbed deeper and deeper into every cell of your body, filling gaps, holes, and any areas of darkness. Let yourself continue this process until you start to feel yourself releasing the stresses of your day.


At the end of the day, you can help yourself reduce stress just by taking the time to plug into yourself, your source of passion, joy and your source of fulfillment. This will leave you feeling empowered, relaxed and purposeful in knowing that your internal sources of happiness can never be taken away from you!

Practice Self-Awareness