Personalized Cellular Consciousness™ Sessions



Della Reside provides a couple of options for working with you and your Cellular Consciousness™.


In a single session you will receive a full body energy clearing including a full charging, balancing & assessment of your 7 major chakras. This includes and assessment of the  Cellular Consciousness™ that is held in your body.

After the session Della will share her insights with you and allow you to ask any questions.

You will leave the session feeling balanced, calm and informed as Della will have shared with you ways that you regulate your energy field, what chakras may be blocked, how this may be impacting your life as well as some suggestions for you moving forward.



I have experienced many personal growth and energy modalities. After a while, it seems, there truly is nothing new—most of the offerings out there are great at bringing awareness to our problem areas, but they offer little in the way of solving them. Della’s Cellular Consciousness Healing is like nothing else out there. She not only energetically found my ‘problems,’ she repaired them!

After a client has a single session and a full assessment and gained insights into what is held in their Cellular Consciousness™, they may choose to move forward to fully transform and release it from their system. This can be done either buy purchasing one session at a time or by purchasing a package of six sessions (more economical).

Multiple sessions can be very deep and impactful as they will allow you to organically release emotional blockages without having to re-experience them on a cognitive level. This includes stuck emotions, trauma or experiences which may be causing illness and/or preventing you from moving forward in life.

If you are ready to move forward in freedom and find out what is at the heart of your roadblocks to success, Della can help. Her work can also help you ease life transitions (grief, job loss, divorce) and, it can help you feel empowered in your own life so you can then make conscious choices to move forward with ease.

Della works with clients internationally by phone, Skype or Facebook.


Interested in Personalized Sessions?

Della opens up a number of sessions each year.