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Well, just the other day I was busy trying to get my book proposal out the door for the developmental edit & was stressed out. I thought I would take a bit of a break and do a meditation.

So, I grabbed my mala beads, sat down and tried to clear my mind - you know how it is?


Have you ever felt that when you try to CLEAR your mind ... it kicks into full gear? yup - me too! 

I was thinking about everything but meditation ... then ... I started to focus more on my mala beads and, what came to mind was their story. I thought I'd share it with you here in this newsletter and, write a blog about it to help others learn to use them to open their chakras. Here's the link for you to check out the blog.

If you have mala beads - I'm sure they have a story too & I'd love to hear it ... yes, really! Just post a few lines about your mala beads in the comments of this blog so I can read all about them! 

Now, back to the story of my beads. I bought them at an art fair in San Diego. I was told that they were hand-carved out of bone and stained using tea leaves by ladies in Nepal, India - love it!

While I was there, I started looking for a new master bead to hang on them and, guess what? I found a hand-carved stone pendant with an image of Ganesh. Woo-hoo ... rocks with elephants ... who doesn't love that!

I also that the mala beads I bought came from the Bishwa Seva Foundation (Bishwa = world we live in and Seva = to serve).  It's an organization in Southern California run by volunteers. They raise funds and provide educational and basic needs for underprivileged children in Nepal. The program ... which the purchase of my mala beads supported is called the Handicraft Cooperative & their mission, is to create self-sustainability for mothers in Nepal - pretty cool hey?

Since returning home I've tried to contact the Bishwa Seva Foundation to purchase more beads. I've emailed them and signed up for their newsletter list... but, I can't seem to get a response. Oh well - I guess I'll just keep trying.

Until next time, I'd love to hear where you got your Mala beads & what they mean to you ... please share with me in the comments below!



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