How to Use Mala Beads to Open Your Chakras


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So you're curious about mala beads, meditation and chakras and, you're wondering how you can fit them into your life? I thought so, I often get asked these questions from people just like you "How do I use mala beads?" and "How can I open my chakras using mala beads?"

I get it - there is so much information on everthing out there that you just want a simple - easy - quick lesson. 

Ta-da! Well, here you go. Today I'm going to show you how to easily use mala beads to open your chakras. 


How to Use Mala Beads to Open Your Chakras

Here's the thing - before sitting down to meditate, you need to decide which Chakra you want to open. (If you're not sure which of your chakras is blocked, take my Chakra Quiz to find out).

Then, based on the chakra you select - you need to pick a mantra that corresponds to that chakra from the list below.

You may wonder how that's going to open your chakra - right? Well, the mantras below are designed to invoke the elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether. So, the mantra you choose will invoke the element of the assoicated chakra which will help you open and clear it.

  • "LAM" Root Chakra

  • "VAM" Sacral Chakra

  • "RAM" Solar Chakra

  • "YAM" Heart Chakra

  • "HAM" Throat Chakra

  • "OM" Brow Chakra

  • "OM" Crown Chakra


To begin. Once you have your targeted Chakra and it's associated mantra, pick up your mala bead necklace & find the master bead (also called the guru bead). 


The master bead is typically the largest bead on the necklace - sometimes includes a tassel and - it's the one that is used to start and end your meditation session.


Grasp the first bead after the master bead and say your mantra.

Then, slowly, slide the first bead through your fingers and grasp the second bead. Say your mantra.

Slowly slide the second bead through your fingers, grasp the third bead & say your mantra.

Continue repeating your mantra and sliding through the beads until you get all the way around the 108 beads. That's it! Mala beads are pretty easy to use to open your chakras.

I find that repeating a mantra and moving through the beads keeps my mind from wandering off and worrying about all of the other things I should be doing. Think of mala beads as tools that can be used to carry your mind from activity to stillness. Before you go - here are a few more things about mala beads off the top of my head: mala beads (necklaces) are sacred and need to be treated with care, it's good to time how long it takes you to go through the 108 beads - this will help you in the future when trying to meditate. If you want to do a second round of your mala beads, turn BACK when you get to the master bead and go the opposite direction (I use my opposite hand as well).  Finally, you try resting the  necklace in the hand not sliding through the beads, or, you can hold the strand with both hands and move them both as you go - try a few options and find what works for you.  


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