Are You Eating Your Emotions?


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Are You Eating Your Emotions?


by Della Reside

You have the power to take control of your eating and stop eating your emotions by paying attention to what you are feeling. When you feel powerless, abandoned or unloved there is a good chance that you have issues with your Solar Chakra. If you are experiencing feelings of abandonment, it could be an indication that you are holding onto feelings of being abandoned from childhood. If you feel unloved (unlovable) you may not have felt loved when you were little therefore, when something in your adult life reminds you of this, you again feel unloved. If you have problems with digestion you could have a structural issue with your Solar Chakra that is preventing you from taking in nutrients from your food or, you may have an emotional blockage that is affecting you physically.

So, how can you tell if you’re eating your emotions? I suggest asking yourself the following questions:

DO YOU CRAVE SALTY & SWEET AT THE SAME TIME? If you do - it could be a clue to either a physical imbalance or an emotional void in your life. Cravings are normal but when you can't seem to satisfy your cravings or, when you crave more than one thing at the same time such as salty & sweet, it could be a clue that your system is out of balance. If this sounds familiar, take a moment to reflect on recent interactions with others. Ask yourself if something is bothering you or if you are feeling left out, abandoned or powerless. If so, you may be trying to fill an emotional void with food.

DO YOU CRAVE CRUNCH? If you do - you may be trying to block out your environment. Crunchy foods like chips, popcorn or even ice cubes create ‘noise’ in your head when eaten so the noise allows you to go within and block out external noise. If you crave crunch, pay attention to what is going on around you, who are you with? What time of day is it? Are you feeling tired or overwhelmed? Notice when it happens as it may be your way of subconsciously blocking out the noise so you have a little bit of time all to yourself.

DO YOU EAT MINDLESSLY? Do you find yourself eating continually but never feeling full - I hear you! This may point to the fact that you are trying to fill an emotional void with food. If you notice yourself doing this, stop and ask yourself what you may be missing emotionally in your life at that moment. Are you feeling unloved by those around you? Are you alone or do you need contact with others? If so, do something to help yourself that doesn't involve food. Practicing good self-care allows you to give love to yourself.

ARE YOU EVER FULL? It may sound odd but pay attention to your satiety level when eating. Do you ever feel full or could you just keep going and going? Catch yourself when you’re doing this and make a conscious decision to stop eating! Recognize that you are not physically hungry and that there may be an emotional void you are trying to fill instead with food.

Gaining self-awareness, making conscious choices and giving yourself time to reflect on what you discover about yourself in order to stop your emotional eating can start right now! When you pay attention to the answers you get to the questions above you may find that your cravings are linked to either a physical imbalance or an emotional void in your life. Or, you may discover that your interactions with others are not giving you what you need emotionally and you may find that the interactions are instead triggering your over-eating. Trust me - as you gain self-awareness you can and will make better decisions and remember that you control what you eat regardless of what is going on around you.



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