Do What You Love and You’ll Never Work


How to Identify Your Strongest Chakra, Weakest Chakra and What They Tell You About Your Life!


Do What You Love and You’ll Never Work



It's great to "see" you,

I've spent the last month traveling the US and Canada. What a great time!

I was able to go to the Chopra Center in San Diego and take part in a 6-day meditation and yoga retreat called Seduction of Spirit.

Then ...  I was only home for a few days before I headed off to a Hay House Writers Workshop in Toronto to mingle with many other aspiring authors.

Both trips were amazing & I was very fortunate to make many "new best friends."

Soon, I'll be heading off to Red Deer Alberta to speak at the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Conference. This years' conference theme is Pearls of Wisdom: A Holistic Approach to Chronic Illness.

I am honored to be able to share with such a great group of healthcare and holistic health professionals. My presentation is called Listen To Your Body. Take Charge of Your Health. and will focus on the importance of paying attention to the subtle messages of the body. (see Cellular Consciousness Healing to learn more)

These personal interactions remind me why I do what I do. Sometimes, I feel I lose touch with that part when I am sitting at my computer for too long writing (with cats on my lap), answering emails and making phone calls. 

You are important to me and I want to stay connected to you ... so, in order to do so, I thought I would start sharing my journey with you as I write my new book. I will be doing a weekly blog called the Writers Life & in it I will share what it is like to experience my joys as well as my challenges as I go through the book writing process ... as well as some pictures along the way!  

My newest book is about Chakras (I know ... you're surprised!) and so far, I have an outline and some of the content. I plan on getting the "good stuff" rolled out over the summer as well as launching a new Chakra online course this fall - I'm so excited! 

Finally ... I just want to let you know how grateful I am to have you go through this journey with me & I and want to pass along my sincere thanks :-) for being here with me.

Thank You!



Hi there!

I'm Della Reside, I'm an expert in Chakras & Cellular Consciousness, a nerd when it comes to details, and, my obsession is teaching others how to raise their self-awareness (in easy, practical ways) to fulfill their biggest dreams!



I'm Della Reside
I’m a girl who took a passion for Chakras and turned it into a booming business - how great is that? I live in the country, love elephants, big white dogs & working from home with cats on my lap. My mission? To inspire personal wellness through mentorship, education & the practice of self-awareness in life & in business!


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Do What You Love & You’ll never Work


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