Demystifying Cellular Consciousness™ What You Need To Know



You already have the key to happiness inside of you. Now - all you have to do is find it!

Yes - sometimes life is tough and throws you curves.  It is a struggle just to get through the day let alone deal with your emotions. You have to live your life, raise your children, eat, sleep, buy groceries, work, and pay bills - sounds like fun doesn’t it? 

Cellular Consciousness™ consists of emotions you hold deep inside.
— Della Reside

Well it can be - but, when you don’t pay attention to how you feel, you bury your emotions deep inside of you and eventually, will make yourself sick! This is what Cellular Consciousness™ is ... emotions, information, experiences and trauma held in your body at an energetic level. If you hold onto the emotions long enough - they become part of your physiology.

So, what if you could easily Demystify your Cellular Consciousness™? Well, the good news is you can! You can release stuck emotions in a gentle, organic, safe way without having to understand them on a cognitive level. 

Here are 4 easy ways to begin...


Close your eyes and put your hand on your physical body – wherever you feel discomfort. Then, ask yourself, what is this discomfort trying to tell me?  You may find the message is to slow down or get more sleep. Whatever it is, trust that the message you are getting is relevant.



Your Cellular Consciousness is held in your energetic field; therefore, it can be affected by the vibrations of sound. Every cell in your body is alive with vibrations, so it only makes sense that sound would have an impact on you.

To release stuck emotions, choose sounds that feel soothing to you – they will activate the emotional level of your energetic field and help release what is stuck there. The easiest way to do this is to sit comfortably, close your eyes and put on some of your favorite soothing music. Let yourself be bathed in the vibrations and allow it to penetrate every cell of your body.

Other tones you can use are tuning forks, gongs and singing bowls.



Essential oils have an effect far greater than their wonderful smells. They are extracted from various plant materials, so you get the benefit of nature concentrated in a bottle.

Pure essential oils have a high vibration which resonates with your energetic field and helps release stuck energy.  Put a few drops of pure essential oil in your bathwater or into a vaporizer and let the healing begin.



Yoga provides many poses that can open and charge your energetic field to help you to release stuck emotions. Cardiovascular exercise can strengthen the whole body, improve circulation and cleanse the body both physically and energetically.

Some other ways to release stuck energy from your Cellular Consciousness include dancing, jogging, qigong, or just general stretching exercises. In the words of the great shoe company Nike “Just Do It!”


You can begin to release stuck emotions in a gentle, organic, safe way by yourself from using the tips above. 


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