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How to Identify Your Strongest Chakra, Weakest Chakra and What They Tell You About Your Life!



I’m a girl who took her passion and turned it into a booming business - how great is that? I'm an expert in Chakras & Cellular Consciousness, a nerd when it comes to details, and, my obsession is teaching others how to help themselves both in life & in business (in easy, practical ways).

I live in the country, love elephants, big white dogs & working from home with cats on my lap. And, my mission? To inspire others with my diverse background & personal experience.

I take pride in my ability to weave together the intricacies of business, science, self-awareness & healing that I share in my informative, down-to-earth presentations.  

For more 25 years I worked in a regulated corporate setting before transitioning into alternative medicine. I have a BMLT with a Degree in Microbiology, am a certified Brennan Integration Practitioner and a Holistic Health Coach, I have extensive experience in process mapping, procedure development, adult training and continuous improvement.

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Cellular Consciousness

Explore Cellular Consciousness, learn what it is, how it affects you and how you can release it to move forward in life!


Catch up on my top-rated chakra info. that covers everything from cleansing your chakras to how you can use them in real life!

Writers Life - Personal

Behind the scenes of my life as an author, entrepreneur, speaker, chakra educator and self-awareness guru.


My best advice for living a healthy lifestyle that covers everything from practicing great self-care to finding self-love.

For Entrepreneurs

My best advice for running your business with integrity and self-awareness.

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