Chakra Spring Cleaning - Made Easy



Your chakras are like filters that take in energy from your universal energy field (aura) and feed it to your physical body. Therefore, if you have stagnant energy sitting in your chakras from the winter months and you don't clear it out - it can cause sluggishness and affect the way that you feel, think & even behave.


A full body chakra cleanse may be just the thing you need to reset your energy levels.


To begin your chakra spring cleaning, let the natural cycles of rejuvenation, renewal and regrowth inspire you to let go of what no longer serves you! This can be easy as you watch the earth begin to warm and allow traces of spring to pop up around you. By attuning yourself to the cycles of nature you can easily release resistance and flow easier with life.


reset. release. renew.

Chakra Spring Cleaning - Made Easy:



The Chakras can get stagnant from a lack of physical activity over winter, so as the weather warms up get outside and move! You can start by walking and just reconnecting with the earth beneath your feet and if that feels good, start jogging or doing yoga in the park .... whatever gets you moving will work wonders! 


Any activities that involve water will help spring clean your Chakras. The body is made up mostly of water so by increasing the amount of fluids you drink in a day to at least 8 eight ounce glasses of water (you may need more or less depending on your body type and activity level) you can help your Chakras release congested energy.  You can also take part in activities such as swimming, boating or even fishing ... anything that connects you to water will help.  More info on drinking water.


Your Solar Chakra is closely associated with digestion and your ability to take in nutrients from food, over winter, it can easily get over burdened and fill with stagnated energy. This stagnation can lead to low self-confidence and feelings of isolation. A good digestive cleanse can help get you back on track! If you can't do a cleanse - at least start adding more fresh fruit and vegetables to to your diet - their naturally high vibration will help clear the energy of your Chakras.  Here is another article regarding food and emotions ...


In winter, it's normal to spend time indoors, but this can lead to stagnation and accumulation of energy that isn't your own. You can pick it up from buildings, furniture and even from other people! By getting outside as the grass turns green and the trees start sprouting their leaves can leave you feeling refreshed as you connect with nature and clear out the stuck energy in your Chakras. When you get outside, embrace how it feels - open your arms wide and allow your chest area to expand as you breath in the fresh clean spring air.  


Sound is vibration so why not use it to very successfully loosen and clear stagnated energy from any of your Chakras?  Pick something you like - let yourself sing, chant or just enjoy the feelings that come up - then, notice how good it makes you feel.  You can also use tuning forks, singing bowls or drums to help you loosen congested energy.


All winter long you may have been stuck in front of the TV, computer or smart phone and bombarded your Chakras with lower vibration energy. Now that it's spring, let yourself break free and get outside, go for a walk, let yourself “clear your head“. Release your dependency on electronics  to start being more attentive to the present moment. Doing so will help clear your Brow Chakra and allow you to gain clarity in areas that may have been previously confusing.  


Spring is synonymous with inspiration and new ideas ... to take advantage of this wonderful spring energy, use visualizations to open and clear your Chakras. you can start by imagining sunshine penetrating the top of your head and clearing the stagnant energy out of your Chakras as it moves down through your body.  Allow it to organically release without getting attached to the outcome. Here are a couple of other articles you can check out related to intuition & inspiration:


A great spring Chakra cleanse should support an overall healthy lifestyle.  It should also support a good digestive cleanse, a spring cleaning of your house, a good vacuuming out of your vehicle and many other rituals that are associated with the renewal of nature witnessed in spring. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Jump on board & take advantage of this time of rebirth and use it to inspire you to do your own internal spring cleaning and REGAIN YOUR VIBRANCY, GET YOUR CREATIVITY FLOWING AND START MOVING FORWARD WITH A CLEAR MIND & BODY.


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