Cellular Consciousness & Cellular Memory


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Cellular Consciousness & Cellular Memory


by Della Reside

If you are looking for information about cells and the possibility that they have intelligence, you are much more likely to find information on Cellular Memory than you are to find information on Cellular Consciousness™. I will attempt to clarify the difference based on my experience.

Cellular Memory and Cellular Consciousness are similar yet different. Cellular Memory suggests that the body itself is capable of storing ‘memories’, as opposed to only the brain. (as per Wikipedia). I’ve found this to be true.

What I’ve also found is that on the level of pure consciousness, one’s present-day life/personality co-exists with one’s past (and, most probably, their future). It’s the interaction of their past cellular memories and past lives and, their present personality that make up their Cellular Consciousness™.

The Cellular Consciousness™ therefore is a collection of one’s information, experiences, thoughts and emotions that co-exist together on the level of pure consciousness and, they make up what is expressed as your personality.

If you struggle releasing what’s holding you back, shifting your mindset and manifesting your best life, there are probably pieces of your ‘collection’ that are stuck and therefore hindering your flow of energy and vitality. Most often, you are not cognitively aware of the pieces that are standing in your way. Cellular Consciousness Healing helps you identify them and release them so you can easily shift your mindset to one of abundance and prosperity.

Cellular Consciousness™ consists of a collection of information, experiences, thoughts & emotions which get “stuck” in your energetic field.

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