Cellular Consciousness™ & Cellular Memory



If you are looking for information about cells and the possibility that they have intelligence, you are much more likely to find information on Cellular Memory than you are to find information on Cellular Consciousness™. 

They are similar yet different.

As per Wikipedia, Cellular Memory can be described as "a hypothesis that the body itself is capable of storing memories, as opposed to only the brain.” Consciousness, as per Merriam-Webster is defined as “the quality or state of being aware, especially of something within oneself.” Cellular Consciousness™, therefore, based on my experience, encompasses the definition of Cellular Memory described above, as well as a greater awareness of one’s connection to themselves and to the unified field of consciousness (others, the world, the universe, the divine).

"90% of all the pain we experience is due to trapped emotions from divorce, abuse as a child, from difficult work, etc. Those energies stick with us and disrupt our lives and cause our diseases and much of our self-sabotage.”
-Dr. Bradley Nelson

In Summary

Yes, Cellular Memory and Cellular Consciousness are different but yet very much connected and Cellular Memory is only one component of Cellular Consciousness™. When I work with your Cellular Consciousness™, I may work to transform a cellular memory that is held in your body or, I may work on clearing blocked energy from past experiences, emotions or trauma held in your cells in order to reconnect you to the unified field of consciousness, or, in other words, reconnect to the divine within you.


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