Host Della For Your Next Wellness Event



As an Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur, Della's approach is flexible & can be tailored to your group no matter the size!



get ready to be inspired & live a fully engaged life.


Below are some options for hosting Della at your next wellness-based event: 


  • ENLIGHTENING: Experience Della’s authentic wisdom as she draws on personal & professional experience to deliver messages of empowered self-care.
  • REFLECTIVE: Learn to meditate together by inviting Della to lead your group in a personalized meditation.
  • INSPIRING: Della’s talks leave audiences with hope for a better future and the motivation to engage fully in their own lives.

Speaking Events

  • For years, audiences have been inspired by Della Reside's uplifting and informative presentations on Cellular Consciousness™.
  • A groundbreaking researcher in her field, author, and dynamic presenter, Della Reside has inspired countless individuals with her work.


  • PRACTICAL: Join Della in one of her signature workshops for no-nonsense tips you can apply to your life.
  • EXPERIENTIAL: Feel the difference as you learn ways to help yourself & observe real-time demonstrations.
  • APPLICABLE: Della empowers people to take control of their health through application of inner guidance, intuition, and non-judgment.

Della inspires others to invest in themselves, gain awareness and begin connecting their inner and outer worlds. This allows their stress levels to decrease and happiness to increase. The more self-awareness they are able to gain, in both their professional and personal lives, the better choices they will be able to make; therefore, the easier to find true peace, happiness and tranquility within.

She works personally with individuals who are willing to invest in getting to know themselves and from there, make positive choices that will change their future.


Have Della speak at your next event.