Della believes everyone can help themselves and her services reflect her belief as they are tailored to empowering others. She uses her diverse background, personality, determination & authentic wisdom to weave together the intricacies of business, science, self-awareness & integrity that she shares in her offerings. 



As a dynamic speaker with more than 25 years’ experience in the medical field and over 13 years’ experience in alternative medicine, Della easily weaves the intricacies of science and healing into her down-to earth, easy to follow presentations.



Gain insights into what is held in your own Cellular Consciousness™ in a personalized session with Della Reside. Leave feeling relaxed and informed as you release emotions, experiences and trauma held in your Chakras and energetic field.


Live Events

For years, audiences have been inspired by Della Reside’s informative  presentations on Cellular Consciousness™ and the Chakras. Leave feeling empowered by this ground-breaking researcher in her field, author, and dynamic presenter.